Sunday, March 9, 2014

Finished today. All I have to do is wash, block and mail to my daughter. A lot of fun working on this and a challenge as it had to be bigger than where the pattern stopped. Pattern was not super clear so I made adjustments along the way. Edge is picot but different than the pattern gave. I don't usually do more than one of anything, well other than dish cloths but I might make an exception for my daughter on this one, not sure yet.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is a busy time of year for me, this year not as much as I'm not making all my gifts. I do have a large project I'm doing. It is a round pineapple table cloth using crochet thread NOT yarn. I also have an afghan to make and other projects to finish.

You can find me on Face Book where I have two groups, Crochet Knowledge and Knitting Knowledge. I've been knitting for 50 years and crochet 40-45 years. I don't know it all but I know some and willing to learn, always. I'm pretty good at research so if there is a stitch you need I don't know I can usually find it.

Happy Holidays:

34" has to be 63"....that means adding rows. No problem.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Missing parent abduction.

This is OUR FAMILY, Please help bring him home safe.

This is Chase Sumner.. He's missing from coos bay Oregon.. He's 5 years old, 3'3, approx 34 pounds, hazel eyes and brown hair... His father never returned him home on Sunday November 3rd.. He drives a 2012 silver dodge ram 1500, Oregon plates, possibly towing a lifted orange 79 Ford. If you have any info please call Tara at 5412601982. Please share this, thank you!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here are some links to check out. My lovely friend takes care of the site and earns her income this way. Perfect time to browse as it is Christmas season and many turn to the thought of gifts.

My projects for Xmas is a Table Cloth, Afghan and a Woman's crochet Sweater.

What are you doing for Christmas?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Missing Person Please Help

A friends, daughters friend Julia Eppley, went missing in hemet on her way to school October 2nd Wednesday and was last seen with a much older man. An amber alert won't be posted because of the government shut down. Police news no one will help. Her family is out of state and needs help with posting fliers. Please call me back and say that you can help us or give us leads so that we can bring her home. My number is 805-350-8571 or 805-308-1281. My name is lindsay Lindskog. Please please help us.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


There’s a gentle warming from the sun and frequent showers brings budding trees and flowers come forth. There is a sweet scent in the air as it begins to warm from the winter cold. There is a newness all around that brings feelings of joy and comfort. One knows Summer will be here soon, excitement of all the activities one has missed in the sleeping Winter.

For those of us with Chronic Illness it also brings muscle cramps and spasms as our bodies feel the shift that healthy people do not feel. A pull, a pain as fingers, toes, hands and feet contort. We to are anxious for the Warmth of the sun but for reasons other than missed activities. We need the warmth so badly missed thru the Fall and Winter. As the nerves warm the pin and prick feeling begins, heated pain sear down tight muscles and tired nerves. Activities that were easy now strained as things awaken that were trying to sleep. One just wants to curl up in a warm blanket and not move. Warmth to relax the aching nerves and muscles are key, good sleep a must. So difficult to do, more difficult to explain to those around one. The pain will increase before it decreases like the ground and nature muscles and nerves are reawakening, stretching or trying to but for muscles and nerves that are ill it is painful. Spring is a delight but also a misery.


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